How to get the Perfect Color


The sun - it is the fundamental ingredient for all life forms. Through its light, warmth and radiant energy, the sun provides the basis for all life on our planet. It stimulates the mind and the soul. It provides a sense of inner peace and well-being that both comforts and energizes. When the sun is shining, spirits are lifted and rejuvenated.

Regular exposure to sunlight can:

  • strengthen bones
  • regulate blood pressure
  • reduce stress and tension
  • keep hair, skin and nails strong and healthy



The sun creates UV light, which is responsible for Tanning and is divided into 2 categories: UVA or UVB.

UVA’s main role in the Tanning process is oxidizing melanin, the browning pigment that tans the skin. UVB triggers melanin production in the skin. Both types of UV rays play a significant role and are needed for a balanced Tanning process.

Tan Fact: Our state-of-the-art Tanning equipment is designed to replicate the UVA and UVB produced by the sun, while allowing you to control your exposure.



Follow the recommended exposure schedule for your skin type. If you’re unsure or have questions regarding your skin type, consult with your certified Plush Tan consultant who will advise you on the proper procedures.


Want the best possible glow? Follow these fundamental rules for Tanning:

  1. Apply Skin Care Products
    • Use lotions before and after tanning to keep an attractive tan looking better longer.
    • Use an indoor tanning lotion to maximize the appearance of your tan. Find one here.
    • Choose from an array of Tanning skin care products that are designed to work with any skin type and Tanning level.
  2. Slow Down
    • Never try to hurry a Tan and always use common sense.
    • Never Tan more than once during a 24-hour period. Your skin needs downtime to properly maximize your color and skin care.
    • Retain your desired color by Tanning once or 2 to 3 times a week, depending on the level of the bed.
    • Try a Cocktail Tan as an alternative.
  3. Wear Eye Protection
    • Always wear protective eye goggles when Tanning.